Something New

Hello There! Our website is a little blank at the moment. We are still trying to figure out what to put in here. We are just a Dad and son (no that’s not our photo on the left) wanting to post about fantasy creatures and magical movies. We will be posting much more in the future. So please come back and check out what we do with the place.

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Labyrinth 2 Fan Trailer

Labyrinth 2

Many of us grew up loving Jim Henson’s Labyrinth movie. Recently I got to take my son to see it in the movie theater for his first time. He loved it and it gave me a real sense of nostalgia. It also sparked a curiosity in me about what happened next. For years there have been talks about a sequel and I’m not sure if it will be able to live up to the original. I love Jim Henson’s stuff but many of their more modern movies just aren’t as…

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